The first question of people who hear me saying that I worked professionally with both - Angular and React, is: “So.. what do you think — Angular or React??” — I find that my answer about this issue has been changed over the years. Why? Let’s see! 🤔

I started my web journey back in 2013, the time when jQuery was THE library for JavaScript development. It was extremely hard to write reusable code — and my codebases became so messy and hard to maintain in a short time 🥴.

Later on, React and Angular were introduced, but people were…

Last time, I really liked sharing my Angular vs React experience, so today I decided to write a new article on another topic that I find really amazing — Machine learning in the browser 🔥.

It’s just getting easier and easier to perform machine learning tasks — I don’t think one of us could imagine that we will find ourselves running machine learning models in the browser… But the time has come — thanks to TensorFlow.js, a JavaScript library for machine learning, which makes use of the GPU. It also lets us run and retrain existing models directly in the…

Eliran Elnasi

Senior Software Engineer, Cisco

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